TEXT: HABAKKUK 2:1-3; 3:1-6


Day 1 (Sun) ~ Read Ps. 103 Loudly unto the LORD, you too like the Psalmist begin to recollect all kinds all Lord’s goodness and praise Him and worship Him all day.

Day 2 (Mon) ~ Read Ps. 145 Loudly unto the LORD; Praise and worship Him all day for His goodness to our church The King’s Parish in particular and the body of Christ- general.

Day 3 (Tue) ~ Read Ps. 136 Loudly unto the LORD; Praise and worship Him all day for His goodness to your family and indeed to every member.

Day 4 (Wed) ~ Read Is. 55 & Is. 58 Loudly before the LORD and begin to acknowledge your sins, confess them and promise GOD repentance. Ask for mercy and forgiveness from all sins.

Day 5 (Thu) ~ Read Ps. 51 & Dan 9 Loudly before the LORD. Begin to identify your sins one by one by the help of the Holy Spirit to x-ray you. Begin to acknowledge and confess them. Tell the LORD you are sorry about them. Produce repentance. Pray earnestly that you would not go back to them. Ask GOD for the spirit of righteousness to come upon you in Jesus’ name (Amen).

Day 6 (Fri) ~ Read 1 Jn. 1, Col. 1 & 1 Thess. 5 Loudly; Ask for cleansing today from all sins and unrighteousness by the blood of Jesus. Plead the blood of Jesus upon your body, soul and spirit. Ask GOD to sanctify you and release grace to live a holy life.

Day 7 (Sat) ~ Read Ps. 100 & Zech. 12 Loudly; Thank GOD for bringing you to the end of this week of fasting and prayers. Ask GOD to pour afresh upon you the spirit of Grace and supplications. That you would pray intensely as you have never done before in the period.


Day 1 (Sun) ~ Read Ps. 85 Loudly , cry to God to send His quickening Spirit of revival into every area of our life. Prayer, Bible reading and study, evangelism, love, service, commitment, etc.

Day 2 (Mon) ~ Read Mal. 3. Father, purge me and refine me. Pray to God to purge you of sin of commission and sins of omission. Sin of disobedience and all forms of uncleanliness.

Day 3 (Tue) ~ Read Gal. 5 aloud. Ask God to continue His refining process by breaking the root of Adamic nature (carnal sins from your life). Ask God to break the yoke of Adultery, fornicating uncleanness, etc from your life. Ask God to purge your spirit, soul, and body complete.

Day 4 (Wed) ~ Read Eph. 5 & 4;7-32. Pray to God to purge you of bitterness and wrath, etc. Ask Him to put His own spirit of love and tender heart with you. Repent from every area you are grieving the Holy Spirit. Ask God to break every yoke and bondage of sin and refine you from every from of entanglement and carnal sins.
Day 5 (Thu) ~ Read Gal. 5 & Ps. 45. Ask God to revive the spirit of God and holiness in your life. Ask for the fruit of the spirit to take pre-eminence in your life. Ask God for the grace to be Holy Spirit led and dependent from now onward.

Day 6 (Fri) ~ Read Joel 2. Ask God that you would begin to experience the blessings of revival. Pray that dreams, visions, revelations would be revived.

Day 7 (Sat) ~ Read Hab. 2; Ask GOD to take you into a new wave of His glory and manifestations. Ask God to begin to lead you and use you in a definite and wonderful way for His glory. Ask God to begin to do great things in every area of your life.


Day 1 (Sun) ~ Read Ps. 91 Loudly; Thank GOD for His goodness and faithfulness to our Church for all this Nine (9). Give GOD all to glory.

Day 2 (Mon) ~ Read Ps. 28:13 and Is. 55:6-8; Confess your sins and that of the Church to GOD all the things you and the Church to GOD all the things you and the church are doing that are hindering His move and blessings. Let’s confess and repent and plead for His mercy upon our Church.

Day 3 (Tue) ~ Read Ps. 40 Loudly. Ask GOD to break off stagnation over your life and that of the church in all areas. Ask GOD to pull you out of the present level into a New level ordained for us.

Day 4 (Wed) ~ Read Ex. 1 & Matt. 16:13-20. Pray to GOD to begin to give our church uncommon increase, growth and expansion and prosperity in all area, groups and department. Ask GOD to settle our church, The King’s Parish the property of our own.

Day 5 (Thu) ~ Read Prov. 21:1-8, John 45:1-14 Loudly. Ask GOD to make our Church, The King’s Parish His revival centre and healing pool for this endtimes. Ask GOD to fulfil His grace and wonderful vision for our children and make us a mega church structure and for all nations, races, tribes and tongues to fulfil GOD’s purpose, programme and mandate for these times.

Day 6 (Fri) ~ Read Ps. 122; Pray for all the churches within our areas and other babies, The Pathfinder Parish, Manchester; Kingdom of Praise and Thanksgiving, Hackney, House of Prayer, Dagenham, The Lamb’s Parish, Bromley. Pray for revival for progress, revival and prosperity.

Day 7 (Sat) ~ Read 2 Kings 1 Loudly; Thank GOD for our church and other Churches around, that GOD will give an uncommon and wonderful testimony to the glory of His name in Jesus’ name.


Day 1 (Sun) ~ Read Ps. 148 Loudly; Use today to praise God and thank Him for His plan and purpose for the nations.

Day 2 (Mon) ~ Read Mal. 3; Ask God for His mercy upon the nations and the inhabitants thereof.

Day 3 (Tue) ~ Read Ps. 2. Ask GOD to bring His saving grace upon the nations including the Muslim nations in a wonderful way.

Day 4 (Wed) ~ Read Prov. 14. Pray specifically for United Kingdom and the different cities and countries. Pray for a national and lasting revival to sweep through the land.

Day 5 (Thu) ~ Read Is. 52. Pray for Israel specifically today for the light of the gospel to share unto the Jews and their neighbours. For peace to reign in war torn areas of the nations.
Day 6 (Fri) ~ Read Ezra 1; Pray for the country of your origin. Pray for your relations and God’s light to shine in the midst of darkness and hopelessness. Pray for blessings and prosperity.

Day 7 (Sat) ~ Read 2 Chron. 20:1-25; Pray for war torn and disaster nations for God’s mercy and intervention for the situation taking place to bring light and salvation unto the people. Thank God for answered prayers.


Day 1(Sun) ~ Read Ps. 146:1-10 Loudly; Thank God for all the members of your family and friends. Thank God for providing you with this set of family and friends.

Day 2 (Mon) ~ Read 1 Pet. 3:1-12 loudly; Pray for good understanding and wisdom with the family, Pray the two main parties in the family would always strive for peace and eschew evil.

Day 3 (Tue) ~ Read Eph. 5:20-33 loudly. Pray that both man and woman in the Christian family would be able to identity clearly that roles and responsibilities and have grace to fulfil that role that they would generally submit to each other in the fear of God. Always give thanks unto God that the man will learn to love his wife and wife submit to her husband.

Day 4 (Wed) ~ Read Gen. 1:1-31 loudly. Let’s pray for our families that the creational blessings would begin to find fulfilment in every area of our life.

Day 5 (Thur) ~ Read Deut. 28:1-13; Gen. 12:1-3; Let us pray for our families that we would be God’s children that would obey God diligently and honour Him. That His blessings in every area would begin to pursue and over take us in Jesus name. Let’s pray the passage into reality in our families.

Day 6 (Fri) ~ Read Joshua 24:1-33 loudly; Let’s pray that our families would be one that passionately serve and worship the Lord in holiness and righteousness unto the end. That we would be families that identify the calling of God and fulfil it.

Day 7 (Sat) ~ Read 2 Chron. 7:1-22; Let’s pray that our families would never turn away from serving God. That those that have gone away from the right way that God would have mercy and forgive and heal and restore us to Himself. Let’s come against the works of the devil in our families.


Day 1(Sun) ~ Read Ps. 48 loudly; Thanksgiving to God for all His goodness and mercy upon your life and Destiny.

Day 2 (Mon) ~ Read Is. 58 & Is. 61 loudly; Ask God to blow upon you a new wind of life that there would be resurrection of your stars in the name of Jesus.

Day 3 (Tue) ~ Read Jer. 29:1-14 loudly. Pray that God would quicken you by His Spirit and that His plan and purpose for your life would begin to get fulfilled.

Day 4 (Wed) ~ Read Ez. 37:1-10 loudly. Pray that the dry bones of your destiny would arise. Pray that God would lead you and that you would be led of the Holy Spirit to begin fulfilling your destiny.

Day 5 (Thur) ~ Read Is. 44:21-28 loudly; Pray that every manipulations of your personal and family destiny would be destroyed. Pray that from now onwars the enemy the devil and his cohorts would not be able to manipulate your destiny anymore.

Day 6 (Fri) ~ Read Phil. 4:13-19 loudly; Pray for your needs, financial needs, healing and health, uncommon breakthrough, uncommon favour and connection in the name of Jesus. Pray that you will break forth into joy this year.

Day 7 (Sat) ~ Read Is. 43:1-19 loudly; Pray to God to begin to do new things, to grant new provision, new vision, new projects, new knowledge and insights into things, new connections, new heights of exploits in the name of Jesus. Pray that you will keep God’s commandments unto the end.


Ephesians 6:18 ~ Pray at all times- on every occasion, in every season- in the spirit, with all manner of prayer and entreaty. To that end, keep alert and watch with strong purpose and perseverance, interceding in behalf of all the saints (God’s consecrated people). Use this week to:

Day 1(Sun) ~ Pray warfare prayers consistently in the night in the next 5 days against every work of the devil organised from the pit of hell against your destiny and breakthrough. Eph. 6:11-18

Day 2 (Mon) ~ Come against the forces of darkness arrayed against you in the name of Jesus, scatter their organisations against you. Forbid their operations against you in the name of Jesus.

Day 3 (Tue) ~ Invite the Holy Spirit to fill your life afresh and saturate you with His power. Ask Him to begin to lead you in a definite and wonderful way in the place of strategic prayers. Acts 4:31-33.

Day 4 (Wed) ~ Pray for revival of the spiritual gifts as well as addtion of new ones. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you in operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit easily again. Ask Him to help you work in the fruit of the spirit in daily life.

Day 5 (Thur) ~ Put God in remembrance concerning what you have been asking Him to do for you. Take time to pray in the Holy Spirit for one hour or more in the last three days. Is. 43:26; Eph. 3:20; Jude 20.

Day 6 (Fri) ~ Ask God to begin to pattern/ order your life aright according to His divine purpose for your life. To begin to lead you by His Spirit to do things well pleasing to Him. Eph. 1:16-23; Phil. 1:9-11.

Day 7 (Sat) ~ Praise Him and worship Him intensely for His sustaining grace and blessings all through the fasting period. Glorify His holy name. Make prophetic declarations concerning your life, family and destiny.

Thank Him for answered prayers.