In the last study, we looked at the LORD is the Most High and because He is the most high, He can promote somebody higher than anyone else and can as well overrule any situation or circumstance. That is why, the sea, the winds, the rain, etc. the whole creation obey Him. Today’s study focuses on the LORD our God as the King of glory. May the King of glory makes every area of our lives beautiful in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Glory can be said to mean something or somebody that is marked with Praise, honour or distinction, great beauty or splendour, something or somebody that is resplendent or magnificent. The King of glory must then be a supreme being that personifies glory. Whenever you see Him, you see glory, real beauty, real splendour, real magnificence.
The Heavens declare His glory; the moon, the stars, the sun declare Him glory, He dwells in unapproachable light. He dwells in unending glory. He dwells in incomparable glory. Ps. 19:1-6; Ps. 148:1-13; Ps. 145:10-12; 1 Tim. 6:16; Ps. 104:31; Ps. 138:4-5; Ps. 102:15; Ps. 108:5; 113:4
A bit of description of those that saw a glimpse of the King of glory is as follows:
Moses on Mount Sinai – Ex. 19:16-21; 24:10-18; 33:18-23; 34:1-10
The King of glory is described as:
• The LORD Strong and Mighty v8;
• The LORD Mighty in battle v8;
• The LORD of hosts v10.
Isaiah the Prophet when king Uzziah died in Israel. Is. 6:1-10
Ezekiel the Prophet at River Chebar, Chaldea, Ezek 1:1-28
John the Apostle at the Island of Patmos – Rev. 1:1, 10-18