Today’s study focuses on the supernatural encounter of Jacob at Peniel. At the end of this awesome divine encounter, Jacob experienced a sudden change of name and transformation of His totality May you too have a sudden and pleasant transformation in every area of life in Jesus’ name (Amen).


Holman’s Bible Dictionary says that Peniel is an alternative name to Penuel; Penuel simply means “face of God” so when Jacob encountered God in a special way at this location, and he decided to call it ‘Peniel’. Gen. 32:30. Peniel is a site located at River Jabbok, northeast of Succoth. The city was destroyed by Gideon because its inhabitants refused him provisions while he pursued the Midianites Judg. 8:8-9, 17 and Jeroboam later rebuilt it 1 Kings 12:25. The site is identified with the easternmost of two mounds called Tululedh Dhahab, which commands the entrance to the Jordan valley from River Gorge, about seven miles east of the Jordan.


I. There was a wrestling Vs. 24
A man and Jacob wrestled together until the breaking of day. This represents serious struggle, confrontation between two personalities of which one is divine and the other mortal human being. Prayer is that wrestling you need to exercise in order for you to experience Peniel in your personal life. Eph. 6:12 & 19, 1Chron. 4:9-10

II. There was perseverance by Jacob Vs. 26
Jacob continued to hold on to God until the assurance and victory came Lk. 18:1

III. Jacob suffered physical deformities before his needed breakthrough came Vs25
Be ready for some physical discomfort if you are to really encounter God. Mt. 4:1-4

IV. Jacob encountered God’s mercy and favour Vs 27
For your blessings to come, you must first encounter God’s mercy and favour. This comes about when you come to an instant of genuine penitence and repentance before the Lord like that of Jacob. Prov. 28:13; Is. 59:1-2, 12; Ps. 102:13; Ps. 90:14; Ps. 51: 1-4; 2 Chron. 7:13-14.

V. Jacob’s name was changed Vs. 28
Jacob has a change of name to Israel. A change to something beautiful, great and royal. A change in purpose and destiny. His conditions and circumstances were changed forever. Ps. 80:14-19; Gen. 17:1-8

VI. Jacob got victory that day Vs. 28
The scripture says that he prevailed with God and man. What a great victory for God and to accept you as a victor and not a victim. Rom. 8:37; 1 Jn. 4:4; 1 Jn. 5:4

VII. Jacob got a blessing of a lifetime Vs 28
After he prevailed, God then blessed him. Prov. 10:22; Mal. 3:10; Mt. 6:33

VIII. Fear disappeared and was replaced with faith and confidence in God. Vs. 30
Jacob experienced a change of situation in his life. 2 Tim.1: 7, Is. 41:10

IX. Jacob entered into a new season of peace Vs. 30
Jacob had an assurance of God’s presence, peace, protection and safety. Ps. 91:1-2; Is. 43:1-4

X. Jacob has a testimony Vs. 30
Jacob had a testimony and a new song from that day onwards. Ps. 16:11; Ps. 40:1-3

You can create your own Peniel and breakthrough as well if you are willing to pay the price like Jacob.