The greatest calling in life is that of winning souls unto Christ. The purpose why Jesus came to the world is to win souls; to seek and save those that were lost in sin (Luke 19:10). Jesus came to save people. That was and is His mission. First and last, He was a soul-winner – the greatest one the world has ever known!
That is why He lived, died, rose again, and sent back the Holy Spirit to His followers, giving them power to witness for Him with signs and wonders that confirm that He is alive again.

The Word Christian means to be like Christ, He came to save people, to seek out the lost. To be Christians, we are to be soul winners like Him. That is why this study is very important to fulfilling our calling, our destiny as soul winners unto God.


Be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as you approach people either when you go out on house-to-house evangelism, or you met somebody at work or in the train or tube stations, etc. Jn. 14:26; 16:13-14. Some approach sentences for guidance only can be the following:

1. Good day, Have you ever given much thought to spiritual matters? Or sharing how happy you are living your life in Christ and then asking “Have you ever thought much about spiritual things?” Give the person time to reply and talk before going to the next question, whatever their reply to the first is.

2. What would you say is a human person’s greatest spiritual need? Remember, you are the inquirer, not the teacher, listen to their reply. It would give you a good idea of the person’s attitude. No matter what the answer is, move to the next question.

3. You know, God tells us that a human person’s greatest spiritual need is a real experience of salvation. Have you ever thought about your own need of salvation? If they talk, listen. Then go on to the fourth question.

4. What would you say a person needs to do to be saved? (This is a most vital question. Their reply will let you know what they understand of the gospel. At times, depending upon the answer you might need to go straight to item 6 instead of 5.

5. Yes, you’re right, everyone ought to do those things. But what I really meant was, “How do you go about receiving salvation?”

6. “Yes, and you know, it’s really even simpler than that. Could I show you three or four verses, (usually, pull out your small sized) of what, the Bible says about salvation?”
Bring their attention to key areas of verses of Bible, let them read along with you.

Now the door is open for your five-point witness. Don’t preach, use no more than a few verses in the Bible. Make your point clear and remember your goal is a decision for Christ.

1. People’s need – Rom. 3:23
2. Sin’s Penalty – Rom. 6:23a
3. Christ Remedy – Rom. 5:8
4. God’s gift to people – Rom. 6:23b
5. How to receive – Rom. 10:9; 13:5

  • Remember, be brief and do not ask questions.
  • Be positive and give the impression that you believe he or she is glad about the facts, which you are sharing about salvation.

Conclude by making it known how GOD made it easy for everyone to be saved; He says confess your sin, ask Him to forgive you and invite Jesus into your life to save. Then say quietly, if you don’t mind, I’d like to have a brief word of prayer with you. Close your eyes and pray for him briefly and then lead him to say a brief prayer of repentance for sin, and accepting Jesus Christ into his life as LORD and Saviour.

Simple Prayer:
“Dear Lord, I want to receive you in my life, I call upon your name. Forgive all my sins. I believe you died in my place. I accept you as my personal Saviour. I believe you rose from the dead according to the scriptures. I receive you into my life. I believe you do save me now. Thank you Jesus for my salvation. Amen.”