In the last study, we were able to study about “The LORD of lords”, who He is and an important characteristic of Him as the LORD that causes things to happen. Today’s study looks closely on “The Most High”. It is my prayer that the Most High God would take you higher than you ever imagined in Jesus’ name (Amen). CENTRAL


The “Most High” is a title name reserved for God, Yahweh, the Almighty God. It is the most common translation for the Hebrew word Elyon and it is normally used in conjunction with other divine names such as El is a generic term for God or deity, which refers to an awesome power that instils within human kind a mysterious dread or reverence while Yahweh is the covenant name for God meaning ‘The Self Existent One’. Yahweh titles appear in English translations as Jehovah. El-Elyon therefore means “The Most High God” or “The Exalted One” described as the Possessor or Maker of Heaven and Earth.
Eccl. 5:7-8; 2 Sam. 22:14; Ps. 18:13; Gen. 14:18-20; Ps. 7:17; Ps. 9:2; Dan. 7:18, 22, 25.

What this is telling us is that The Most High is the most powerful God; He is the greatest and the wisest, the one that cannot be compared with somebody else.
Gen. 17:1; Ps. 33:9; Deut. 32:3; Ex. 15:7; 1 Chron. 29:11; Ps. 79:11; 145:3; 150:2; Ex. 18:11; 1 Cor. 1:25; Rev. 5:12; Col. 2:3; 2 Chron. 1:10-12; 9:3-7, 22; Ps. 89:6; Ps. 93:4

The truth of God’s character is focussed in His name; the divine name like El- Elyon (The Most High) reveals God’s power, authority and holiness. This accounts for Israel’s great reverence for God’s name. The Ten Commandments prohibited the violation of God’s name. Prophets spoke with authority when they uttered God’s name. Oaths taken in God’s name were considered binding and battles fought in the name of God were victorious. Other nations would fear Israel, not because it was a mighty nation, but because it rallied under the Lord’s name.
In the New Testament, God’s name is manifested most clearly in Jesus Christ. He is called “The Word”, and Jesus Himself makes the claim, that he has revealed the name of God. Whenever, he wants to show his power, he over-rules situations and circumstances. He does not need to confront sicknesses, nor speak to them; he would speak to the individual being afflicted to do what he wants. In the case of Lazarus, he did not need to speak to death, before Lazarus rose from the dead.
Because of His awesome power, He can over-rule negative covenants; he can over-rule hell on your behalf.
Because He is the Most High, He can protect you whatever be the condition and deliver you in times of trouble.
He can also assure you of long life and honour. Another beautiful thing about the Most High is that He has the capacity to promote you higher than anyone else and He can do so non-stop since He lives forever.
However, if you fail the most high, He can become a dangerous enemy; He can change His mind concerning the good that He has purposed to do you.
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i. What are the other names of the most high?
ii. What is the implication of knowing His names?
iii. In what situations have you found yourself using these names?